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Cash / Valuables In Transit

Large amount of money or valuables being transported in a vehicle is always a big risk. Targeted ambush is a real danger along with the prospect of violence as part of armed robbery.

At Holt Security we provide a special team of guards for Cash or Valuables in Transit service. These guards are specially trained in all aspects of the job and have to complete thorough background checks. We assess the current process, look for ways to improve and implement an efficient cash pick up and delivery process. We explore every possibility and have a security plan in place.

Take the apprehension out of your delivery schedule of cash and valuables. Let guards from Holt Security work with you and minimise risk and danger to your assets.

Holt Cash/Valuable Security Service

Call our cash/valuable in transit team today and eliminate the risk to your profits and your staffs’ health and well-being. Cash-in-transit (CIT) or Cash/valuables-in-transit (CVIT) is the physical transfer of banknotes, coins and items of value from one location to another.

Banking collection service
After hours service
Change delivery service
Cash counting services

The locations include cash centres and bank branches, ATM points, large retailers and other premises holding large amounts of cash such as ticket vending machines and parking meters.


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