7 Habits of Effective Loss Prevention Managers

The most sought after loss prevention officers and managers know that effective loss prevention is much more than abiding by a set of rules and regulations introduced during the training. 

Well, loss prevention is a result and not an effort. However, running a business and flourishing requires one to invest in loss prevention in order to reduce the inventory shrinkage problem. 

You’ll easily find good security officers, but it is essential to hire effective loss prevention managers in Western Sydney as they can take the game to another level. 

Here are seven habits these managers and security officers should possess.

  1. They Should Focus on Your Company’s Problem and Not the Industry’s 

    A good loss prevention officer should consider the problem faced by your company or brand rather than focusing on the problems faced by the entire industry. Focusing on specific problems is essential to bring out fruitful results.

    Furthermore, every business has a different working model, so targeting the industry’s problem won’t help in any way. Talk to the security manager and officers, and ask them about their thoughts; if they talk about finding and focusing on your company’s problems, you can expect great outcomes.

  2. They Align Their Goals with the Company’s Goals 

    Almost every business owner out there wants to maximise their profit, and LP (loss prevention) is a big contributor to that. The goals of the LP officer should match the goals of the company.

    Every effective loss prevention manager understands the goals of the company they are working with in order to help them achieve the target.

  3. They Test and Refine the Solutions before Deploying Them 

    The deployment of security solutions is a great phase for any business since the company counts on it to maximise their profit and reduce theft. However, the deployment can fail or backfire if the LP managers don’t test or refine the strategies.

    Effective LP managers always test run the strategies to ensure they work as planned and will be helpful for the business. 

  4. They Periodically Adjust the Strategies 

    A strategy, if it is working fine, doesn’t mean it will work fine in the long run! Smart LP managers understand the importance of adjusting the strategies periodically so that no one can undermine the plan, and the managers can help the business reap the maximum benefit.

  5. They Have a Backup Plan 

    A loss prevention strategy without a backup plan can fail miserably, and every effective LP manager is well aware of that. Smart officers have a habit of making a backup plan every time they devise a strategy for your business.

    The backup plan helps the security deal with any problem promptly, and they don’t have to spend time making another plan if something goes wrong.

  6. They Strive for Knowledge 

    Effective LP managers are always intrigued by the new trend in the industry. They always look for things that can help them make the security plan fool-proof while ultimately helping the company with better results.

    They always keep on books, blogs and attend several conferences to learn something new that can help them become great LP managers.

  7. They are Tech Savvy 

    Some offenders use tech gadgets or similar stuff while shoplifting, and a tech-savvy LP manager can easily understand that something is going wrong. Effective loss prevention managers always look for better tools that can help them innovate new strategies to reduce losses.

Where Do I Find Such Loss Prevention Managers?

Well, every business owner wants to have the best LP managers that are effective in their job and can help the business reduce losses. 

However, finding such managers can be pretty hard, but it is possible. Always look for reputed security companies in Western Sydney that have been in the business for years.

Moreover, it would be great to get some references from your friends. You can also interview the LP managers in-person to evaluate a security guard company in Sydney.

Final Thoughts 

At Holt, we take pride in our smart loss prevention officers that are helping a multitude of businesses in Western Sydney increase their profits by minimising losses and thefts.

All the managers, security guards, and officers working with us are trained, qualified, and are well aware of the industry standards. 

The retail environment is ever-changing, and our LP managers keep up with them to provide your business with the value you pay for. 

Click on the Contact Us button to hire effective loss prevention officers today.  

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