Everything You Need to Know About Security Patrol Services

As a business owner in Sydney, you might have heard about security patrol services! But what exactly are these services is still unknown to many. Just hiring security guards in Sydney isn’t enough to ensure complete safety, and that’s where patrol services are important.

A security company in Sydney that offers patrol services will make sure your business remains safe from any threats or illegal activities. 

Here’s everything you wanted to know about security patrol services.

Different Types of Patrol Services 

There are two types of patrol services security companies in Western Sydney offer. Businesses can opt for any of these services depending on the size of their premises and other similar factors.

Vehicle Patrol

Businesses spread in a large area should opt for vehicle patrol services. A team of security guards roam around the business in a security vehicle to monitor any illegal activities or threats to the business. 

Vehicle patrol services are best suited for golf courses and other such areas spread in acres.

Foot Patrol 

As you can guess why these services are known as foot patrol. A team of security guards patrol on foot to assess the site. These services are excellent for small facilities, including shopping complexes, malls, supermarkets, stores, and other such businesses.

Why Are Security Patrol Services Important?

Most people confuse security patrols services with security guards, but there is a big difference. Today, more and more businesses are investing in security patrol services by choosing security companies in Sydney.

Security patrol service guards are better equipped and can ensure ultimate peace of mind. They keep strolling around the business to monitor any fishy activities to deter potential criminal activities. 

Another benefit of using security patrol services is that they are guarding your business all the time. No matter if it’s day or night, these guards remain there around the business to ensure safety and security.

Who Should Opt for Security Patrol Services?

While security patrol services are often associated with industrial and residential security, they are also good for large sites like hotels, farming sites, construction sites and more.

Even small businesses can opt for foot patrol services to get excellent security for their premises. These patrol teams work in synergy with the security guards, and this combination curtails the risks of any potential criminal activities.

Things You Need to Know When Hiring Security Patrol Services with Security Companies in Sydney

Now that you know why these security services are important and who should opt for them. It is essential to learn about the factors you should know when hiring patrol services.

They Should be Attentive and Professional 

To get outstanding security patrol services, it is essential to check if the patrol team promises attention to duty and a professional attitude. The attitude of the patrol team plays a crucial role. 

The security team should be observant, follow the supervisor’s instructions, and report efficiently every day.

They Should Have an Emergency Plan 

When hiring these guards, check whether they have an emergency security plan to counter any threats or criminal activities. Ask the security company about any emergency plans they will have at hand if something gets out of hand.

They Should Understand the Nature of Business

Every business is unique, and so is nature. The security company offering patrol services should understand the business’s nature to know what kind of threats or illegal activities a particular business is exposed to. 

They Should Maintain Logs and Reports 

The security patrol team should maintain the logs and reports to have written records of everything happening around a business. From entering the visitor’s details in the registers to sharing these details with the supervisor or manager, the patrol service team should enhance accountability.

Final Thoughts 

There are numerous benefits of hiring security patrol services in Western Sydney. Not just these services provide a sense of security, but businesses can safeguard their valuable assets.

At Holt Security, we offer best-in-class security patrol services. From armed guards to unarmed guards and foot patrol teams, we offer a large range of security services businesses and residential clients need.

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