Four Primary Focus Areas in High-Rise Building Security

Maintaining security in high-rise commercial buildings is indispensable for all parties involved. The property managers want to ensure their facility is safe from vandalism and offers a safe work environment to the tenants.

Furthermore, the tenants want to make sure the building is safe for the workforce/employees and creates a safer environment where everyone can work without any worries.

There are many focus areas in high-rise building security, but there are four major areas one cannot ignore. Whether you are a property manager or tenant, you must pay attention to these areas to get ultimate security for the building.

Exterior Video Surveillance 

Exterior video surveillance acts as a deterrent and helps in maintaining the security of a high-rise building. Exterior areas of a building, such as the backs of the facility, loading dock, are usually out of sight, and criminals target such areas because breaching security is easy.

However, when you opt for high-rise building security in Western Sydney, you don’t have to worry about the security of these areas. Security companies that offer exterior video surveillance help you monitor the isolated areas in order to keep an eye on every activity.

Moreover, video surveillance helps the security guards act quickly, and this, in return, helps in curtailing the chances of any criminal activities or thefts.

Video Surveillance of the Interior Areas 

Just like the exterior areas, the security of interior areas is equally important. Having CCTV cameras inside the property will be a great deterrent for people with a criminal mindset. 

Also, the high-rise buildings such as hotels, restaurants, and offices with video surveillance can track every activity that happens inside the premises.

Furthermore, these cameras help record footage and provide a visual record for audits in case some special events take place. Some security companies in Western Sydney use a proactive approach to use all cameras and other security tactics in synergy to maintain the overall security of the building.

Access Control to Elevators and Escalators

Overlooking the access controls to elevators and escalators can be an expensive deal for a business. So, it is another primary focus area in high-rise building security. An additional security measure includes limiting access to such areas, or only people with special cards can access these areas.

At Holt, we recommend a combination of integrated access control and video surveillance because these are very helpful in improving the overall security. 

Property managers and tenants should keep the following things in mind when opting for security services:

  • Building location
  • Foot traffic 
  • Garage or parking lot 
  • Number of floors 
  • Neighborhood 

Access Control to All Entry Points 

Securing and controlling all entry points is important to make the high-rise building even safer. A business should know about the customers visiting every day. Also, accessing control to all entry points helps a business track their staff activities, which helps improve productivity.

It is essential to install special alarm systems that inform the security guards if someone tries to open the building’s doors forcefully or tries to trespass. 

How Do You Choose an Agency for High-rise Building Security in Western Sydney?

It is essential to choose a company that offers comprehensive high-rise building security services. Make sure the agency offers digital security, security guards, and crowd control services, as they are important for any high-rise facility.

Lastly, it would be great to get in touch with the security company to know more about what they offer. Know if they are licensed by the local authorities to offer security services.


Maintaining security is important, especially for a high-rise building that accommodates hundreds of people. Therefore, these are the four primary focus areas every property manager or tenant should focus on. 

Get a security plan drafted for the building and discuss it with other property managers to ensure unbreachable security all the time.

At Holt, we have been catering to several high-rise buildings in the area. We offer a broad range of security services that include CCTV surveillance and security guards to keep the security intact.

Click on the Contact Us button and get in touch with us to know more about the security services we offer or get a detailed quote. 

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