How to Choose Between Armed and Unarmed Guards for Your Sydney Business

The security of a business is paramount, and that’s why smart businesses in Sydney never feel like appointing the best security companies in Western Sydney. 

Well, hiring security for your business may sound like an easy task, but it involves several complexities. The biggest dilemma businesses experience is choosing between armed and unarmed guards.

To some businesses, armed guards appear to be the best option, while some feel secure with unarmed guards. If you are also planning to hire security guards for your Sydney business, then this is the post you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what should be your choice between armed and unarmed security guards.

Armed Vs Unarmed Security Guards: What Should Be Your Choice?

Whether you go for armed guards or unarmed guards, the first step should be doing the business assessment. You should find out the risks your business facility is exposed to in order to hire security guards for it.

A thorough assessment will help you find out the loopholes while determining how much manpower you need in order to keep the security intact. 

Armed Security Guards 

Armed guards are authorised to carry deadly weapons, including firearms. These guards are specially trained to handle these weapons and have all the required licenses to carry a firearm. 

Because of the additional certifications and training, armed guards are more expensive than unarmed guards, but they offer better security and protect the business from any type of threat.

These security guards are great for businesses that are exposed to several risks, such as robberies. Furthermore, armed guards are ideal for businesses that hold valuable assets such as cash and jewellery in huge amounts.

Armed guards are the best choice for Sydney businesses that deal with the following:

  • Businesses that are involved in the transportation of large quantities of money, expensive ornaments, equipment, and merchandise.
  • Businesses that operate or organise events with high crowds, VIPs, and media personnel.
  • Businesses that work in surroundings with high-crime neighbourhoods. 

These businesses should always opt for armed security guards in Sydney to get a sense of security all the time.

Unarmed Guards 

Unarmed guards don’t carry any deadly weapons. These guards come equipped with batons, pepper sprays, and taser guns depending on the security agency they belong to. Businesses that are exposed to low or medium risks often hire unarmed security guards.

These guards are effective against deterring thefts, vandalism, and dealing with people possessing suspicious behaviour. As these guards don’t carry any deadly weapons, so there are no liability insurances as well.

Furthermore, unarmed guards are less intimidating, but they offer excellent security provided you hire them from a reliable security company in Sydney. 

Unarmed guards are the best choice for Sydney businesses that deal with the following:

  • Businesses that operate in a low-risk setting such as parks, religious establishments, museums, grocery or retail stores.
  • Businesses that have a smaller budget but need good security. 
  • Businesses that are looking for an intimidation-free environment for their employees, clients, and guests.

Cost of Hiring: Armed Vs Unarmed Guards 

Another factor that will impact your decision is the cost of hiring the guards. Armed guards come with deadly weapons and have passed stringent training programs, so hiring them costs more than hiring unarmed guards.

Furthermore, you get more sense of security with armed guards, so it is evident why hiring them costs more. There are several good armed security guards hire companies in Western Sydney that offer security packages when you hire armed guards with them.

On the other hand, hiring unarmed guards cost less, so even small businesses operating in Sydney can hire them without getting a dent in their monthly budget. Unarmed guards are also trained well and offer excellent security to businesses.

Where to Hire the Guards?

At Holt Security, we let Sydney businesses hire both armed and unarmed guards. All the security guards working with us are highly trained and ensure complete safety for your business. Check out these rewarding benefits of hiring a security guard company in Sydney.

To know more about the security guard services and to hire the best armed/unarmed guards, click on the Contact Us button.  At Holt Security, our security managers would love to craft a thorough plan for you depending on your requirements.

Stay safe with Holt Security! 

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