Security Camera System Installation: DIY vs Professional

If you are still on the fence to choose between DIY and professional security camera installation, this post will help clear your doubts!

Well, the introduction of DIY security systems has taken home security to another level. Now you can easily track what’s going on around the house just by glancing over your phone. 

But does that make DIY installation better than the professional installation? Professionals know the key areas a camera or security device should target in order to make your house safer. On the other hand, DIY is cheaper!

This post rounds up a quick comparison between DIY and professional installation so that you can settle down with the right option to ensure your house is safe at all times.

DIY Installation: The Merits and Demerits

The DIY installation is a great way of saving money while learning more about the security devices you are planning to install. But before you start ordering the security devices, go through these pros and cons.


No Contracts 

When you go with DIY security system installation, you can avert the monthly contract. Operate the security devices as you like, and you can take them to your new apartment as you want.

No Fuss Of  Wires

Most of the DIY security devices available in the market use wireless technology, so there are no hassles or organising the wires. Just connect the device with your home’s internet, and you are good to go.

No Extra Fees 

The professional digital security service comes with a one-time installation fee. But when you opt for DIY installation, you don’t have to pay anything like that.


Expensive Equipment 

DIY home equipment isn’t cheap. Even a video doorbell can cost somewhere around $200 or even more. If you go for multiple cameras or alarms, make sure you have a good budget.

Covering a Big House is a Task 

If you want to target just one room or the main door, DIY is good. But it can be a painful task when you try to cover an entire house or a big building.

No Professional Expertise 

Installing a security camera or alarm system needs expertise. You need to ensure that the camera covers the entire house, and there’s no corner left for intruders.

Professional Installation: The Merits and Demerits

Yes, it involves a monthly contract and installation fee, but what you get is uncompromised safety. Check out these pros and cons of going with professional installation.

No Toolbelt Required 

You can bid goodbye to the hassles of selecting security devices, let a reliable security company in Sydney  take care of that. 

Lower Upfront Cost 

As compared to buying the entire setup, going for professional installation costs less. All you pay for is the monthly contract and the installation fee.

Timely Upgrades 

Invaders are always looking to find ways to undermine the security system of your home. So, it is indispensable to upgrade it from time to time. The professional security company will offer these upgrades, and you can expect outstanding safety and security.


Not For Renters 

If you rent a property, professional installation is not the best choice. You have to pay the installation cost several times as you change the property. 

Installation Fee 

The professional services come with a one-time fee you pay at the time of installation. The installation cost depends on several factors, such as the security service package you have selected.

DIY Vs. Professional: What Should I Choose?

It would be great to hire experts to do the installation as it’s a matter of your home’s security. Furthermore, you can put your feet up and relax while the professionals will take care of the installation. 

The best part about hiring professionals is the customer assurance you get. If you have any issues with the security system, just call the security company, and they’ll fix it. 

However, this isn’t the case with DIY installation.

Final Words 

Going for professional digital security and CCTV installation makes a better choice as everything is taken care of by the experts. The professionals create a security plan to cover every corner of your property for enhanced security.

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