What Makes Cash-In-Transit Still the Best Asset Transportation Option?

The cash profits and savings should be handled securely in order to increase the revenue stream of a business! These assets are essential for business expansion purposes and act as an investment for fuelling the growth of the operations.

There are multiple solutions designed to handle the cash and other invaluable assets. However, cash-in-transit services still remain the best asset transportation option.

Here are a few solid reasons why businesses in Australia choose cash-in-transit to transport the cash and other valuables from one place to another.

Risks Associated with Handling Cash and Valuables

My staff can handle the cash and valuables, why should I hire an agency for it? We hear this question from several business owners. 

Well, there are several risks involved when you don’t hire experts to deal with the assets.


When professional security guards aren’t there, the chances of cash-in-transit robbery tends to increase. As per a study by the Australian Institute of Criminology, professional robbers carry such thefts. 

The only way to undermine such crimes is hiring a reliable and local cash-valuable transit company.

Inaccurate Cash Handling 

Handling a big amount of money comes with a huge responsibility, and anyone can make mistakes under such pressure. There are high chances of your staff losing the counting or incorrectly counting the cash.

Loss of Time 

If everything goes as per the plan, still your staff loses a lot of valuable working hours, which may affect productivity and business operations.

Lack of After-Hours Security 

If the banks have closed, the only place left to keep the cash and valuables in your business facility. It can be risky to store big amounts without supervision.

Benefits of Opting for Cash-in-transit Services 

There are various benefits of hiring experts to deal with cash and valuables. Furthermore, it takes away all the hassles and comes with the assurance that the valuables are being handled with ultimate care and will reach the destination safely.

Reduced Expenses, Increased Profits 

When a business saves money, it directly contributes to the overall profit. Cash-in-transit services are a quick and efficient solution to transport valuables with guaranteed safety. 

The experts’ service providers use intelligent equipment for counting the cash, which reduces the overall time and labour work. 

In a nutshell, hiring such services can be a fruitful deal and saves your business a lot of money.

Uncompromised Security 

When expert’s step in and handle the situation, you can be sure about the security. Local cash-in-transit companies come equipped with smart equipment and devise a fool-proof plan to transport the valuables safely. 

From bullet-proof transportation vehicles to armed guards, you get everything required for safe transportation of cash, jewels, and other valuable items.

The Benefit of Risk Assurance 

When you hire a security company to transport these items, you get the benefit of risk assurance. Professional companies offer the best insurance against all types of cash-in-transit services.

Therefore, you can allow the security provider to take the full onus of the services and solutions. Ensure the company you are hiring offers insurance. It would be great to talk about it before signing the contracts.

Improves Employee Productivity 

Your employees can dedicate the entire time to work, as experts are dealing and taking care of the cash and valuables. Improved productivity is the biggest benefit a company can reap. Furthermore, it helps in saving valuable resources from getting squandered.

Promising Security Standards

Professional security companies keep updating their security policies and standards in order to serve their clients with the best. When you choose such companies to handle the assets, you can rest assured about the safety standards.

These agencies deploy armed as well as unarmed guards to take care of the valuables while delivering them on time.

How Do I Hire Cash-in-transit Services in Western Sydney?

You can count on Holt Security, as we are the number one cash and valuable in transit service company. All you need to do is click on the Contact Us button to get a quick quote. We’ll devise a thorough plan and will deploy our best security personnel to deliver or pick up your cash or valuables.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Bank Collection Services
  • Change Delivery Services
  • After-hour Services
  • Cash Counting Services 

Final Thoughts 

There are plenty of other benefits businesses can experience by availing cash-in-transit services. Always look for reliable security companies that are local, reliable, and professional. Moreover, ask the company about their license before hiring them for the job. 

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