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Loss Prevention Officer In Sydney

Theft is a huge risk to retail businesses with losses into thousands of dollars a year for some stores. There is always a threat of direct theft and shoplifting, along with scams and credit card fraud, not to mention personal attacks from disgruntled customers.

As per a report (2019) submitted by the Australian Retailers Association, "retail businesses in Australia lost $3 billion due to shoplifters”. The only way to prevent these losses not affecting your business is by hiring a group of dependable loss prevention officers- from Holt Security!

Holt employs a trained team of loss prevention specialists who are fully trained in covertly patrolling the stores, or guarding the entry and exits to your store. We don't stop there; our guards are constantly trained and updated in the new ways thieves operate to steal from businesses. Our Loss Prevention Officers in Sydney are trained to be on the alert for any suspicious activity and report it immediately.

Holt understands that loss of stock in your business hits your bottom line hard and can be a potentially frightening experience for your staff. Our loss prevention officers work closely, not only with you but with your staff too. At Holt we believe that working together provides a stronger barrier to reduce the pilferage in your store.

Shoplifting is on the rise, and that's why Holt Security is here to save your business by deploying loss prevention Security officers to stop pilferage. Also, our loss prevention security officers are well-versed with the strategies shoplifters use, to ensure better prevention of your goods with maximum safety for your store.

Also, our teams are experienced in using high-end gadgets to offer your retail store with optimal loss prevention solutions.

Loss Prevention Officers

We use various methods to protect your store and work in partnership with you to assess the perimeter of your premises, foot traffic patterns as well as behaviours of customers and staff to come up with a plan that reduces the loss to your bottom line.

The Holt team checks for blind spots where shoplifters can conceal stock without fear of being seen, we look at your CCTV operations, the entry and exit points and where customers gather in large crowds or bottlenecks tends to happen. We also work with your staff to ensure they are vigilant too, and can train them in how to support the loss prevention officers on duty.

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Our aim is to minimise loss of stock, give a sense of security to your customers and staff, along with security procedure training to your workers so they can also be vigilant and deter shoplifting from your store.


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