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Concierge Service Sydney

The reception area or concierge desk of any premises is the first impression on your visitors. There is every reason for this area to be perfectly managed, serviced and protected from any unwanted elements or events.

Depedning on the location of your premises, you may be exposed a certain kind of risk. For example, a main road location imay be vulnerable to easy walk-ins off the street looking either for directions or worse, an opportunity to commit a robbery. Over the years, Holt Security has supplied concierge and reception security guards for all kinds of business premises in Sydney, Western Sydney and Canberra. Our guards are always impeccably dressed and have strong customer service and security skills. They can carry out all kinds of tasks and become an extension of your team and a representative of your brand or business.

Holt concierge/reception guards are fully trained in handling all kinds of security incidents and procedures, while greeting your visitors and dealing with enquiries in a professional, courteous manner.


Greet visitors and sign them in
Monitor the arrival and departure of employees and guests
Contact relevant department and raise alarm if required
Respond to service calls and fire alarms
Sign in and induct facilities contractors and check SWMS and workplace work permits 
Assist in co-ordinating after-hours jobs
Allocate parking spaces
Activate and de-activate security passes
Manage keys, lockers and access to restricted areas of the building
Monitor CCTV footage
Handle post and deliveries

Holt Security offers concierge guards for part-time, full-time, or even 24/7 deployment. The reception area of your building will always be fully manned by a professional ready to take care of your employees, visitors, and the premises.


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