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Security Guards

All kinds of businesses need security guards. To reduce loss and theft in retail stores, security screening is needed in major corporate buildings, night watch required at construction sites as well as car park, industrial and factory patrols. Security guards are deployed as a theft deterrent, to keep an eye on the traffiic at your business premises and do occasional checks.

Holt security guards are not only trained in standard security procedures but also in how to be part of your business. We see our guards as an extension of your business, so our security guards are briefed on your company culture, your business and expectations from our services. Every business is different and we look to find just the right staff for your requirements to provide complete value for your investment.

Whether your need guards for controlling traffic, managing a car park, or standing guard at a retail store in the local mall, Holt Security are there to support you all the way. Regular checks, meetings, assessment and feedback keep our standards high. We ensure that we are in regular communication with our clients, giving reports, feedback, and building a long-term partnership with you.

Security Guards

Holt security guards are interviewed and chosen by our expert security team. Only alert, vigilant, observant guards with strong customer service get to wear the Holt uniform.

Security Guard & Officers

Uniformed / Covert Guards
Personal screening (detectors)
Traffic controllers
Construction sites
Perimeter protection
Asset protection
Gate house
Anywhere you need a security guard service

From a stand-alone retail store, to a sprawling construction site, Holt have you covered with security guards who are professionally trained to give you high level security protection and peace of mind. Contact Holt today for a free security appraisal and to discover the Holt difference.


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