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Traffic Management Services In Sydney

In today's life, we expect things to keep moving, certainly when we are on the move. Efficient traffic management at events is critical for their success because delays and jams is nobody's idea of a good time.

Holt traffic management consultants work with you before your event to look at expected traffic flow, bottlenecks, peak times, traffic flow, and parking. We take into account your risk management assessments, council permits, space limitations, entry and exit points as well as parking spots available.

Every event and location is different, and Holt goes in with a fresh pair of eyes to plan every event. We draw up a proposal and work with local authorities and the local police to ensure that all parties are clearly communicated and that your patrons are directed accordingly.

Why Choose Holt?

At Holt, we take pride in being one of the leading Traffic Management Companies in Sydney, Australia. Safety is always our top priority, and that's a reason why companies choose us when it comes to dealing with the traffic.

Here are some more reasons to choose Holt.

Tailor-made Solutions

Not every event/requirement is the same, and that's why we develop a tailor-made plan. Our team of accredited and trained staff designs a thorough plan to keep the traffic moving at all times.

Traffic Control Equipment

Holt carries a complete array of equipment required to control and manage the traffic in Sydney. From traffic wands, to sign legs and bollards, we have everything needed to handle the traffic efficiently.

Highly Qualified and Expert Traffic Control Staff

All the traffic control experts working with Holt are highly trained. Our staff has worked with a plethora of Australian companies in NSW, and other parts of Australia so you can count on our expertise in managing traffic.

Traffic Management

Our staff are fully trained and briefed for the event with a dedicated supervisor to ensure that all procedures are followed and also any issues that arise are dealt with swiftly causing minimal disruption.

When is Traffic Management required?

Any event with a large influx of cars and vehicles such as 
VIVID Festival
Anzac Day
Cultural festivals
New Years Eve
Australia Day
Music Festivals
Car shows and expos

Any event  which is expected to generate lot of tarrfic to the venue, is legally required to have adequate traffic management. Contact our Holt traffic management experts today!4


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