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Crowd Control Security In Sydney

Holt Security has years of experience in crowd control and has worked closely with local police departments too.

Event organiser have a legal obligation to ensure a safe environment and channel for crowds to move around at any large event. Mismanaged crowd security can cause chaos, leading to accidents and mishaps. As an organiser, make sure you minimise your risks by preparing a management plan for crowd control. Holt Security can work with you to ensure you have all relevant insurances and work in partnership with you and your event to plan crowd entry, exit, and flow.

Our crowd control security staff is highly experienced and trained to deal with any kinds of unforeseen situations. Moreover, Holt works for hand in hand with its clients ensuring a smooth flow of crowd without any mishaps.

Our crowd monitoring and controlling security guards have the expertise to provide a strong presence around the facility while being unobstructive to the audience.

Holt offers crowd control security services to:

  • Registered Clubs
  • Pubs
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Major events
  • Venues
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Festivals

We are ready to take any job with the assurance of our excellent services.

crowd Control

What can happen if crowd is not managed well?

Bottlenecks at entries can create stress among patrons, leading to hostility and aggression
Stampedes and crushes when people get carried away by entertainment on the stage
Stampedes, crushes and violent or drunken behaviour when leaving a venue. Graffiti, vandalism and theft are also observed.
Drugs, weapons and other contraband can enter your venue
Unlicensed salesmen and hawkers can enter your venue

Holt Security holds all necessary licences and can provide you with fully trained and qualified staff to ensure your patrons are safe, crime is minimal and crowd crushes and stampedes are eliminated.

Holt Security can assist with following measures

Ticket/Wristband/Entry check
Bag checks and screening
Manage aggressive or drunken behaviour
Scan for sick or injured patrons
Car park crowd and car management
Pre-event planning
Perimeter check pre-event
Customised crowd security plan

Contact  Holt Security today and let our crowd control team ensure that your crowd and event is in safe hands.


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